Our Mission is to inspire innovation in our youth. We are accomplishing this by bringing a comprehensive curriculum and training program focused on invention, patenting, and monetizing into the public-school system.  We want the next generation to have the foundation and confidence they need to become innovators.

We envision a world where every child’s imagination, intelligence, and outside of the box thinking has been nurtured from a young age – Where the U.S. has a resurgence of patents, successful small businesses and alternative career paths – Where brilliant minds are allowed to flourish and provide our society with their indispensable gifts.


  • Innovation in Schools
  • Giving the American Dream TV Special

Innovation in Schools Program 

We are teaming up with the public-school system, leaders of patenting and invention and innovative companies to bring science and innovation back into the classroom.  Our youth’s creative minds will be nurtured through an engaging curriculum that teaches innovation, invention, patenting and monetizing into the public school system.


Right now, our children receive no teachings on invention, innovation or patenting in our public school system.  Their science education is limited to a few classes on biology or chemistry and this doesn’t happen until middle or high school.  In China, they learn about patenting in the first grade. The traditional “science fair” has been the only venue for kids to engage in innovative type of classes.  The science fair funding was cut by 2/3rds in 2015. Science teachers in the elementary school levels only have one course in science during their academic careers putting them at a disadvantage to teach science classes.

Because we are not teaching our youth about innovation and the application of science in the real world, the U.S. is now experiencing decreased patenting, small business failure and a decrease in alternative career paths. For the first time since the great depression there are more companies going out of business than starting up.

Although teachers are eager to support innovation in our youth they don’t have a standard curriculum or sufficient education themselves to impart the knowledge and tools.

The Martin County School District in Florida has seen this problem clearly.  They have reached out to us and asked if there was something we could do to help.


The curriculum will be co-created by experts in curriculum development, innovation and patenting, and participating companies.

We will facilitate the training needed for our teachers all over the country and equip them with what they will need to teach our children how to use their imaginations in a way that can identify a problem, create solutions and even monetize these ideas.  They will learn thru fun, cutting edge, STEM activities that will spark the innovator in every student. Students will also learn about the patenting system, how to monetize on their idea and entrepreneurship skills opening their opportunities as they go out into the world.

We will collect knowledge, content, tools, activities from the largest brightest and innovative companies in the world allowing us to create the strongest program possible.


Phase one: we will seek out the help of the largest and brightest-companies in the country for content for the curriculum.  We will work with experts on innovation, patenting, patent system, STEM activities that are cutting edge and current, monetizing of ideas, and entrepreneurship skills.

Phase Two:  We will take all of the content we have gathered from our experts and with the help of the teachers from the Martin County School District we will develop this incredible program

Phase three: We will have a professional curriculum editor review and revise the final program

Phase Four:  We will launch the program into Martin County School Districts into the first and secondary levels.  We will take all feedback from the teachers and students to tweak the program as needed.

Phase Five:  We will begin to facilitate the training of this Professional Development Program to schools Districts Nationwide.


The NIA’s programs will have far-reaching impacts on individuals and the society as a whole.  It will rejuvenate entrepreneurship and innovation in our country and instill in our youth the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.  These impacts include:

  • Increased number of patents and patent seekers across the U.S.
  • More innovation and invention within the small business sector
  • Resurgence of small businesses
  • Children being more excited about innovation and science
  • A greater understanding of patenting and protecting from an early age
  • A Larger number of children entering science fairs
  • More out of the box thinking among the youth
  • More viable alternative career paths besides college
  • Increased number of female students in stem projects
  • More invention and innovation

The school districts are eager for us to implement this program and begin training the teachers so they will be able to teach the students. We are currently looking for support to finish developing the curriculum and implement the first school term of the project.

We currently have several companies interested in partnering with us, but need a seed donor to get the other parties committed.  Ways you can help!

  • Give a Gift
  • Donate Content
  • Donate Activities
  • Be a corporate  Sponsor

Help us open minds! Change the future of a child!

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Giving the American Dream for Christmas – TV Special

We are producing a TV Special that allows the public to live the dream of an innovator. The show follows an innovator through the process of: nurturing her innovative idea, the challenges of working with a retailer to obtain purchase order through the launch of the business and the impact it has on her life and the community. The Show challenges innovators to create a marketable innovative product or gift item that will be selected and carried by a large retailer.

The show will focus on:

  • The inventor, who, with the power of a purchase order can create their own successful business.
  • The successful companies that participate in the show, showing how they support innovation behind their doors and how they are contributing to the growth of future businesses.
  • The impact of these innovative companies on local communities that make up our “Main Streets” of this Nation.

With the help of supporting retailers, submissions will then be vetted and a shortlist compiled.  Our panel of experts will select the winner, based on criteria helping to ensure the commercial success of the product.  Our retailers will put the winning product on their shelves and NIA will help the winner to secure the purchase order, funds, manufacturing and fulfillment to help launch their new small business.

Our vision is that this year we will start one business, but next year we will have inspired other great companies, funding institutes, government resources and you, the caring neighbor, to help us to start many new businesses.

It is so easy for you to help!  Sponsor a new product and commit to giving a purchase order.

Be part of the show and let us see behind your doors.  Let us learn how you pick the next big product you put on your shelf.

Donate and help us air this Tv special that allows the public to learn how to get a purchase order and see their new big product on the shelf.