Happening September 2019

Who We Are

Up-Revis a Product Development and Engineering Company on the Space Coast of Florida, that think of ourselves as the coolest group of Nerds. We are engineers, technicians and support team who have a great sense of humor and big hearts!

We have created a Challenge that will give to our community in a way that young engineers can meet employers, companies can find talent, cities can attract businesses and STEM can profit, while uniting us all as a Nation.
It is a Win, Win, Win for a Great Cause!


Create an opportunity for communities to support and inspire the next generation of STEM students through a competitive challenge where entrepreneurs, engineers, and makers showcase their talent, win amazing prizes, and compete for licensing and/or purchasing order for their product.

How It Works

6 Weeks to create TOY Prototype

  • Athletes can team up
  • Ask the community for help
  • They can contact a COACH

Toy that would “WOW” Disney Park Attendees

  • Has to Include Mechanical, electrical, software and firmware
  • Has to be kid friendly
  • Has to be demonstratable by video
  • Athletes –engineers, students, entrepreneurs, startups, individuals or teams.


COACH -Engineers from –Harris, Northrup Grumman, GE, Jabil, etc.


  • Sponsorship of $25 entrée fee for Athletes ($ goes to STEM)
  • Guarantee Volunteer hours –email access to inhouse engineers
  • Share social media, media and content

Challenge Supports STEM

• Entry Fees will go to STEM Programs
• National Innovation Association will donate a “How To Be An Innovator Program” to all Schools for Free –this 6 week program to run concurrently with the Challenge

• Inspire our youth –
• Youth understand that science ignites innovation that becomes products and that is FUN
• Imagineer thinking for our youth –Imagination + engineering = MAGIC
• T-shirt opportunity for 1 School to win a 3D Printer and raise money for all schools who Participate

Why a Toy

Makes it relatable to Kids
• It is a product that would require all forms of engineering
• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Software
• Firmware
• It is easy to demonstrate on video, allowing us to include STEM kids easily

Grand Prize Winner

Lower Risk, Raise Success – donations to help the winning team take their product to manufactured ready

Manufacturing ready package – UP-Rev – 100hrs = $10,000
Engineering to tweak product – KlasEngineering – 50hrs. = $5000
Modeling of Prototype – Designer Services – 25hrs = $2500
Tooling -Contract Manufacturer = $5000
Provisional Patent Alex Hobson = $4000
Launch and Grow Consulting -Keith Nugent -50hrs = $5000
Branding Services -Wild Manta 50hrs = $5000
Marketing Services -LDP Consulting-50hrs. = $5000
Investor financing -Investment Group = $200,000
Total ………………………………………………………… $240,000
And Purchase Order or Licensing.

Branding the Challenge

There is a shortage of engineers and yet an increase in Innovation. Shark Tank and Incubators are everywhere. Visit any university or tech center and all you hear is, “We are going to be the next Silicon Valley” We found hundreds of articles supporting that same thought, “Where is going to be the Next Silicon Valley.”

We have decided it is time to put the question to bed…. “Who is the Next “Silicon Valley”?

It only makes sense to pull together our communities and set a Challenge that is BIG, EXCITING, FUN AND INSPIRATIONAL. THE WINNER gets $237,000. Purchase order and/or licensing Deal and that person wins the RIGHT to call their city the “Next Silicon Valley”

How It Goes National

Each City has a drive to succeed in attracting talent, innovation, business and education.
Each City has a Nucleus:
• Economics Development Board
• Chamber
• Entrepreneur/ Innovation Centers
• University
• School Board

We made it so easy to say, “YES”

• Simplified tasks
• Aligned with their Objective
• Massive Exposure