We value innovation and those who create it.  We believe in a community that works together for the better of all.  We want to empower all innovators and share with them the resources they need to succeed in starting new businesses.  We know that we can teach our youth to think like an innovator, recognizing how to identify a problem and create a solution.  We know that when taught young, with a fearless heart, a child can do anything.  We are certain that we can be the difference for innovators that takes imagination into compensation.

The National Innovation Association was created in 2016 in response to these emerging needs. We help innovators become successful by gathering and making available all of the resources and opportunities they will need.   We know that when we share knowledge and resources we can launch more startups.  We can give our youth more content that will super charge them to want to excel in STEM programs and give them opportunities for their own entrepreneurship.

Meet The People

Lu Anne Puett

Lu Anne Puett, Executive Director

Lu Anne Puett attended FAU where she studied corporate management and marketing. She  started her own marketing consulting company to help  inventors in 1995, and has worked with clients taking idea to retailer  like Target, Walmart, QVC, HSN, Lowes, Winn Dixie , 7-Eleven, Zappos, Bed and Bath, and many more.

She has licensed products from automotive to health and beauty, from drive trains to scoring a max value in a $31 million dollar pantyhose licensing deal with a $4.1 million down payment. Working with companies manufacturing products both domestically and abroad, Lu Anne knows what it means to efficiently prove concept and tee up full scale production.

Lu Anne’s greatest gift is her ability to evaluate a product while reducing risk. This allows an inventor or company to take a product from concept to retail for minimum investment. But her greatest passion is helping inventors and entrepreneurs.  Her passion for nonprofit began back in 1992 when she worked with the United Way as Special Events Coordinator.  Combining her nonprofit experience and expertise in innovation marketing Lu Anne started the NIA knowing that with the right support innovators can make an impact on our future.  She currently  speaks regularly, teaches workshops and has authored the book Secure the Deal and Grow Rich.

Colette McGaley, Training Director

Colette has over 11 year management level experience working in the non-profit world. Her experience includes fundraising, strategic planning, board development, curriculum formation and training.  In her role she has developed a comprehensive training program to enhance the skills all agency staff.  In addition, she developed a high-quality in-service training programs using nationally recognized speakers, and has also acted as a workshop facilitator for a number of statewide conferences.

Colette brings grant writing and development expertise to support agency programs and overall mission. Her experience   includes   researching   grant   opportunities,   preparing   proposals   and   budgets, developing and maintaining relationships with prospective and current grant funders, preparing interim and final narrative reports per funder’s requirements.

Lisa Lyman

Lisa is a business executive with extensive experience in custom manufacturing and sourcing in China. She brings a secure and reliable method to save time and maximize profits/market share, with full scale custom product, packaging, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and logistics management services.

Partnering with a direct sourcing partner, with a Hong Kong office who serves clients worldwide with a professional staff of multi-lingual exports/import experts. Lisa, along with her China partners of 12+ years, bring together experience, know-how and a commitment to giving clients the highest quality products and the most cost-effective prices. Our China office speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic.

Previous sourcing for: Shell, Disney, GM, Ford, Miami Dolphins, NASCAR, Nickelodeon, Miller, Discover, NHL, NFL, Pennzoil, US Open Tennis, and Lincoln (just to name a few).

Corporate Partners

We know that in order for us to make an impact on our economy thru the growth of startups and allow us to be able to teach our youth the excitement of imagination and creation, our corporate partners are a must!  We are so grateful to have the abundance of successful corporations that have created numerous innovations that they are willing to share with our innovators.

  • A retailer who opens his doors for submissions of new products gives our innovators the opportunity to obtain the asset of a purchase order allowing him to launch his business.
  • A manufacturer, who wants to license new innovation and works with us to seek out that innovation, allows us to help more innovators succeed on compensating their ideas.
  • A corporation who shares their knowledge of product development, marketing and manufacturing thru resources we can teach our students is not only changing the lives of our children, but changing the economy of our future.
  • Finally, the money that these incredible corporations donate to allow us to implement these programs and events is a gift that will give back for decades to come.  It is this generosity that creates the greatest impact to our future.