Giving The American Dream
For Christmas

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We value innovation and those who create it.

We believe in a community that works together for the better of all.  We want to empower all innovators and share with them the resources they need to succeed in starting new businesses.  We know that we can teach our youth to think like an innovator, recognizing how to identify a problem and create a solution.  We know that when taught young, with a fearless heart, a child can do anything.  We are certain that we can be the difference for innovators that takes imagination into compensation

We envision a world where every child’s imagination, intelligence, and outside of the box thinking has been nurtured from a young age – Where the U.S. has a resurgence of patents, successful small businesses and alternative career paths – Where brilliant minds are allowed to flourish and provide our society with their indispensable gifts.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs

You can help open the imagination of our youth and nurture the leaders of our tomorrow.

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